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Michal Solarski
In Progress

Nostalgic Photographs of Vacations Past

Polish photographer Michal Solarski takes a trip down memory lane, looking back at past family vacations to the “Hungarian Sea”

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Before We Land
Photo Essay

Photographer Captures Sweet Moments of Summer

Photographer Bryan Derballa captures moments that exist between the borders of childhood and adulthood with his considered, affectionate portraits of a summer getaway

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Heidi Warner
In Progress

The Disappearance of the Borscht Belt Hotels

The Borscht Belt hotels and Catskills resorts in upstate New York defined an era for many Jewish-Americans during the 1950s and 1960s.   Heidi Warner, a photographer based in New York City, spent many years vacationing there with her extended […]

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Julia Gillard
In Progress

Julia Gillard’s American Holidays

Photographer Julia Gillard’s project American Holidays documents both the conventional and often reinterpreted tradition of holidays in the United States. For more than three years, she has spent each holiday in a different location, documenting Americans as they celebrate.

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