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African migrants try to cross a border fence and enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla, March, 2014.
The Backstory

Photojournalism Daily: Oct. 29, 2014

Photojournalism Daily is a compilation of the most interesting photojournalism found on the web, curated by Mikko Takkunen

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Have a Nice Day, Ocala, FL, 2012, from the project, 'Florida: Eden Isle'.
Photo Essay

The Myth and Mystery of the Sunshine State

Florida isn’t like other places. In fact, in some ways, Florida isn’t even like Florida. The work of David Walter Banks illustrates much of the Floridian myth, deepening the mystery of the Sunshine State’s singularly odd appeal.

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Issouf Sanogo—AFP/Getty Images

Pictures of the Week: January 18 – January 25

From the French intervention in Mali and the Obama daughters enjoying the Inauguration to the surreal, icy aftermath of a fire in Chicago and a headless princess in London, TIME presents the best images of the week.

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Brendan Hoffman
Man on the Wire

A Year of Photographers in the Picture

As the new year approaches, TIME takes a look back on 2012 to highlight an increasingly common phenomenon: the photographer in the picture.

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Image: Outhouse, Finger Mountain Wayside, 2009.
Out There

The Last Road North: Ben Huff’s Alaska

In a place where Walmart and McDonald’s are now as ubiquitous as sourdoughs and homesteaders, photographer Ben Huff’s project on the Dalton Highway embodies the confounding nature of America’s 49th state.

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Americans by Chris Morris
Photo Essay

‘Americans': Christopher Morris Captures a Nation Divided

TIME contract photographer Christopher Morris sought to make an anthropological study of America—not for this week, or for this past election cycle—but a body of work that future generations could look back on to get a sense of the country’s mood.

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Justin James Muir
Out There

The Mane Subject: A Book of Beards

A new self-published book by Justin James Muir explores some of the gnarliest beards in America.

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