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Zalika Azim
Out There

Memories Unspoken: My Grandmother’s Hidden Life as a Photographer

Artist Zalika Azim writes of the surprise she felt upon discovering that her own grandmother, who migrated from South Carolina to New York, was a life-long image-maker.

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Photo Essay

Immigration Crisis: Photographing the Violence Behind the Honduras Exodus

Photographer Ross McDonnell traveled to Honduras for TIME to document the spiraling violence that is forcing thousands of people to seek a better life in the U.S.

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Michael Galinsky
Photo Essay

Flashback to the Timeless Malls of the 1980s

In the winter of 1989, Michael Galinsky drove across the U.S. photographing malls and the people inside them. Looking back, it’s not where in the U.S. Galinsky photographed — it’s impossible to tell Indiana from Arkansas — but when.

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Kill Team
The Backstory

The Trophy Shot

The photographs taken by the “Kill Team” are shocking but “trophy shots” have existed since cameras went to war.

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