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"A simple toy from my childhood makes for a cool picture in space." - Reid Wiseman via Twitter, June 1, 2014

Around the World in 90 Minutes with Astronaut Reid Wiseman

Aboard the International Space Station, NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman is a flight engineer. But, for millions of people back on Earth, he’s a social media sensation, who constantly beams back incredible images and videos of our planet.

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icp 883On the road from Namdinh to Thaibinh. May 25th, 1954. A French military convoy on its way north towards Doai Tan. In the foreground: a rice field.
Out There

On Robert Capa’s 100th Birthday, Magnum Asks Photographers Everywhere to #GetCloser100

For the centenary of the late, great conflict photographer, Magnum Photos is launching a new project to create “100 organically-grown visual threads, each born out of a Capa image,” by asking photographers everywhere to share their visual responses to his work on social media.

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The Backstory

Help Identify This Photo: The Moment The Towers Fell

Twelve years after the Twin Towers collapsed, TIME’s Patrick Witty turned to social media for help identifying the subjects of his 9/11 photo.

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In Progress

Data Visualization: Twitter Portraits by Lori Hepner

Artist Lori Hepner has devised an ingenious and mesmerizing approach to the representation of identity in the age of digital social media — in her ongoing series Status Symbols, she makes portraits of individual posts on Twitter.

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