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War Is Personal
Photo Essay

The Hero in the Cowboy Hat: Carlos Arredondo’s Story, by Eugene Richards

After the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, a hero in a cowboy hat emerged. Carlos Arredondo was identified as helping Jeff Bauman in a now-iconic photograph appearing on front pages around the world. In 2006, Eugene Richards began photographing Arredondo, an anti-war activist, after he lost his first son in Iraq — eventually publishing his story in War is Personal. Richards spoke to LightBox about his relationship with Arredondo.

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Cover photograph by Bill Hoenk
Photo Essay

A Photographer’s View of the Carnage: “When I Look at the Photos, I Cry”

Freelance photographer Bill Hoenk was on hand to document the chaos following the second explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. His photograph of a Boston police officer carrying a wounded child is the cover image of TIME’s digital edition, a special report on the tragedy in Boston.

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Shannon Hicks—Newtown Bee/AP
The Backstory

The Story Behind the Iconic Photograph from Sandy Hook

TIME spoke with Shannon Hicks, the photographer behind the now iconic photograph from the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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