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Before We Land
Photo Essay

Photographer Captures Sweet Moments of Summer

Photographer Bryan Derballa captures moments that exist between the borders of childhood and adulthood with his considered, affectionate portraits of a summer getaway

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John Francis Peters, The Stream
Out There

Inspired by Summer: A Photographer’s Long Journey Back Home

John Francis Peters revisits his hometown and discovers that the inspiration he needed to push his work to the next level was waiting for him in the Catskills

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Aaron Rose—Courtesy Museum of the City of New York
Out There

Here Comes the Summer: Beautiful Color Photos of Coney Island in the Early 1960s

With the summer edging ever closer, the Museum of the City of New York is putting on an exhibition of 70 — count them — previously unseen images of 1960s Coney Island by renowned New York photographer Aaron Rose.

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Pictures of the Week: July 12 – July 19

From the Trayvon Martin verdict and a deadly school meal poisoning in India to Mariano Rivera’s final All Star game and Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

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Greg Miller
Photo Essay

Greg Miller’s Waiting For…

In the age of megapixels and 10-frames-per-second, Miller works with an antique portrait camera and 8-by-10-inch negatives. In this series of images made at the Mansfield Drive-in Theatre & Marketplace near his home in Mansfield, Conn., Miller captures people in the twilight moments before the show begins.

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Julia Gillard
In Progress

Julia Gillard’s American Holidays

Photographer Julia Gillard’s project American Holidays documents both the conventional and often reinterpreted tradition of holidays in the United States. For more than three years, she has spent each holiday in a different location, documenting Americans as they celebrate.

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