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Young skaters practice in the garden of the Institut Français d’Afghanistan during the Sound Central Music Festival.
Out There

Follow the Everyday Lives of Artists in Kabul

The Little Book of Kabul tries to avoid cliches often present in Western coverage of life in Afghanistan by following local artists.

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William Daniels—Panos

Top Photographers Win $130,000 Worth of Grants

Announced at Visa pour l’Image, a widely-attended yearly photojournalism festival held in Perpignan, France, the grants—first established in 2004—aim to help photographers undertake “projects of personal and journalistic significance.”

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After my time
Photo Essay

A Place I Knew So Well: Joachim Ladefoged Looks Back at His Childhood Homes

Shortly after 9/11 and the birth of his first child, award-winning photographer Joachim Ladefoged stepped away from conflict reportage and spent a decade revisiting the homes he knew as a child in Denmark.

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Cédric Gerbehaye—Agence VU
In Progress

Cédric Gerbehaye’s Belgium: A Country in Flux

Belgian photographer Cédric Gerbehaye has spent his career documenting intra-country tensions around the world. In his most recent work he turns the camera back on his home country to delve into the very issues he has explored abroad for years.

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image: A gang member poses with a gun in Caracas. Some 50 homicides occur in the city each week.
Photo Essay

The Street Gangs of Caracas

Venezuelan photographer Oscar Castillo has risked his life photographing the street gangs of Caracas for the past three years.

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