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Diana Markosian
Photo Essay

Inside the Beslan School Siege, 10 Years On

Ten years after the Beslan school siege, photographer Diana Markosian made these remarkable photographs of former hostages at the site where 330 captives were killed, more than half of them children.

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Stuart Palley, Chasing Blazes
In Progress

Chasing Blazes: Sublime Photos of Wildfires

Photographer Stuart Palley’s summer evenings are spent chasing wildfires in Southern California. He tells TIME LightBox how he learned to handle the heat.

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Brian Shumway
In Progress

Happy Valley: A Photographer Reflects on His Mormon Upbringing

Brian Shumway creates a visual and emotional exploration of his own childhood and adolescence by photographing his siblings and their children, all of whom still practice the religion.

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