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Bertien van Manen
Out There

30 Years in Appalachia: Moving Beyond the Hillbilly Clichés

In 1985, fascinated by stories of women working in mines in Appalachia, Bertien van Manen embedded herself with families in the region. What emerged was an epic, intergenerational photography project spanning nearly 30 years.

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Out There

The Lens at Night: Eerie, Beautiful Photos in the Darkness

Night in Day, a new exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, explores how images made in darkness, in unique ways, can be as revealing, complex and beautiful as those created in the light.

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Marie Rime, Hyres Festival 2014
In Progress

Photography and Fashion Collide at Hyères Festival

In a modernist mansion on the French Riviera, 20 emerging artists present their work to the upper echelons of fashion and photography during the 29th International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyres, an extravagant, career-defining competition.

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North Korea Marathon

Pictures of the Week: April 11 — April 18

From the sinking of a South Korean passenger ferry to the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, to Passover in Jerusalem and Holy Week around the world, TIME presents the best photos of the week.

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Amy Powell
Out There

Photos of the Real World: Amy Powell’s Family Album

Photographer and schoolteacher Amy Powell’s moving pictures provide an exceptional look at everyday American life.

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Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Portrait, 1897
Out There

Magnificent Obsession: How Queen Victoria Influenced Photography

A new exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles explores the story of Queen Victoria as surprisingly and deeply intertwined with the birth of photography as a medium.

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Robin Schwartz for TIME
Photo Essay

A Glimpse Into the World of Dog Couture

With the start of New York City’s Fashion Week, photographer Robin Schwartz presents an insider’s view into another kind of couture: the bizarre, extreme, wonderful world of doggie fashion.

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Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin—Courtesy MACK
Out There

The Holy Bible, Appropriated: An Illustrated Scripture by Broomberg and Chanarin

Artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin speak about their newest book, Holy Bible, and the changing implications of photography and text as evidence in our image saturated culture.

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Alexander M. Harrington
The Backstory

Photos without Cameras: Exploring Appearance

What is a photograph? What does it mean to make one without a camera? Alexander M. Harrington’s latest project explores the appearance of surface, shadow and depth.

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Mideast Syria
Out There

The 2013 Pulitzer Prize Winners: Associated Press Coverage of Syria

Columbia University has announced the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winners for breaking news and feature photography. A five-photographer team from the Associated Press was recognized in the Breaking News photography category for their photographic coverage of the ongoing Syrian civil war. Rodrigo Abd, Manu Brabo, Khalil Hamra, Muhammed Muheisen and Narciso Contreras were members of the team that contributed to the agency’s coverage of the two-year-old conflict.

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