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James Nachtwey for TIME
Photo Essay

One Year Later at Minori-kai: James Nachtwey Returns to Japan

In a city on Japan’s northeast coast, at a care center for the mentally and physically disabled, discussions about rebuilding what last year’s tsunami destroyed are only just beginning.

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Manuel J. Martinez—Reuters
Man on the Wire

TIME’s Best of 2011: Animals in Peril

The average animal doesn’t make headlines, but countless creatures have been photographed amid the chaos and destruction so widely connected to some of the year’s biggest stories. Here, LightBox looks back on a few furry friends who’ve found themselves in harm’s way this year.

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Carsten Koall—Getty Images

Pictures of the Week, November 25 – December 2

From Egypt’s historic elections and Hillary Clinton’s Myanmar visit to German anti-nuclear protests and Nepal’s bird flu outbreak, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week.

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