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Joseph Ruzicka—CCNY

A New Age of Analog at New York’s Most Historic Camera Club

The historic Camera Club of New York has been forced to close down its darkrooms, but hopes to revitalize its programming while remaining true to its roots

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Erin Trieb
Out There

Erin Trieb’s Homecoming Project: Capturing War Through Veteran Tales

Sergeant Major Pat Corcoran might never have learned about those heroic efforts to save his life were it not for Erin Trieb, whose photographs will be added to a growing collection for The Homecoming Project, a non-profit organization she started to illuminate the ongoing issues of veterans from the past decades’ wars.

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Smith Neuvieme—Fotokonbit
In Progress

Fotokonbit: Putting Cameras in Haitian Hands

Some of best images at this year’s LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph were not made by professionals, but by amateurs — participants in “social photography workshops” in Haiti run by the non-profit organization Fotokonbit.

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