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Ar'Juan Mason, 17.SwagSwag is the way you present and carry yourself. I guess you can say my generation is more of the flashy type. Where I grew up and live now a lot of people around are all about shoes, it comes off almost mandatory to have the most recent shoes or something better.
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Cause Beautiful: Hipstamatic Aims to Empower Young People

Mobile photography app Hipstamatic has launched Cause Beautiful, a philanthropic foundation that will empower inner-city kids to use photography to document their own communities.

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Josh Raab for TIME
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#LightboxFF: Experience a Night at the Museum

TIME follows Instagram photographer Dave Krugman inside the American Museum of Natural History, his latest behind-the-scene tour at some of New York City’s largest museums

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#LightBoxFF: Oliver Lang’s Crash Course on Adapting to Instagram

Oliver Lang believes smartphones and Instagram have changed people’s relationship with photography, which, he tells TIME, can be beneficial to professional photographers.

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