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2012. Patras. Greece. A group of adolescents trying to illegally board trucks going to Italy.A group of Afghan boys aged 14 to 18 years, on a traffic island. Every day, these kids try to illegally board trucks going towards Italy. One of the most common ways of illegally leaving Greece which is attempted is the illegal boarding of goods trucks which will subsequently be loaded onto cargo ships for Italy. Over the years, many young people have lost their lives attempting this, while others have been stopped by the police. Only a very small percentage manages to succeed in this desperate attempt. Patras is one of the main escape points from Greece, due to the numerous cargo ships that dock in the port and are bound for Italy. It is therefore one of the points where it is possible to attempt to escape from Greece.
Out There

Shining a Light on the Plight of Europe’s Migrants, From Rome to Brussels

Trucks have become symbols of hope for many migrants in search of better lives in Western Europe, says photographer Alessandro Penso, who has taken to Europe’s roads in a bid to raise awareness on immigration issues

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Photo Essay

Bridging Eras: Photographer Sam Comen’s Travels Through Lost Hills

Photographer Sam Comen wanted to find a new way to explore the American historical narrative, so he turned to the small town of Lost Hills, Calif. to illustrate the duality of the immigrant-American experience.

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