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Enrico Natali
Out There

Defying Expectations: An Alternative (and Peaceful) Look at 1968 Detroit

Today, Detroit is an exotic and extreme place whose grassy fields and acres upon acres of concrete ruins evoke horror and shame even from those who live there, writes Laura Berman of the Detroit News. But what Enrico Natali’s photographs from the late 60s capture is normality: a Detroit that’s neither urban outlier nor crucible of failure.

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Dave Jordano
Photo Essay

Detroit’s Fight to Survive: A Humanist’s Look at the Motor City

A second-generation Detroit native living in Chicago, photographer Dave Jordano returned to his home city three years ago with a mission: not to document what’s been destroyed, but to record what’s been left behind and the lives of those coping with it.

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Andrew Cutraro—For TIME
The Backstory

The State of Michigan: Andrew Cutraro Photographs the Republican Primary

In his photographs of the Michigan primary for TIME, Andrew Cutraro wanted to capture a sense of a state where the sentiment—at least outside the orchestrated campaign events—matches the landscape.

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