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Some 200 towers, like these in Ushguli—built mainly from the 9th into the 13th centuries for shelter during wars, raids, and blood feuds—remain in Svaneti. Now they’re used to store hay and grain for farm animals, including pigs.
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Photojournalism Links Daily Digest: Sept. 16, 2014

Photojournalism Links is a compilation of the most interesting photojournalism found on the web, curated by Mikko Takkunen

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Lee Friedlander
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Master of the Photobook: Robert Delpire’s Long and Legendary Influence

Few publishers in the history of photography have had as lengthy a track record of producing books that are now considered the medium’s landmarks as Robert Delpire, who is honored in a tribute exhibition in New York City.

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Lee Friedlander—Courtesy Janet Borden, Inc.
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Merry Christmas From Lee Friedlander

An exhibition at Janet Borden, Inc celebrates the holiday season with a selection of previously unseen images by the master photographer.

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Duane Michals—Courtesy Pace/MacGill Gallery
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Duane Michals visits Mr. Magritte

This early series by Michals is part of Wanna See My Portfolio? at Pace/Macgill this summer. The exhibition also features groundbreaking work by some of the 20th century’s most significant photographers.

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