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The Collection of Frank Maresca—Courtesy of Ricco/Maresca Gallery
Out There

The American Worker’s ID Badge as Art and a Sign of the Times

Critic Lyle Rexer writes for LightBox on a mesmerizing exhibition of some 250 vintage American employee ID badges imaginatively staged at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery revealing a distant world from our own.

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Enrico Natali
Out There

Defying Expectations: An Alternative (and Peaceful) Look at 1968 Detroit

Today, Detroit is an exotic and extreme place whose grassy fields and acres upon acres of concrete ruins evoke horror and shame even from those who live there, writes Laura Berman of the Detroit News. But what Enrico Natali’s photographs from the late 60s capture is normality: a Detroit that’s neither urban outlier nor crucible of failure.

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