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Scenes from medevacs, helicopters that pick up wounded soldiers in Iraq
Out There

Coming of Age in Combat: Peter van Agtmael’s Disco Night Sept 11

Peter van Agtmael’s new book “Disco Nights Sept 11″ commands a reader’s attention, distilling time and place into one man’s view of the fortitude and folly of war, says Mark Thompson.

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Photo Essay

Honoring the Fallen: One Photographer’s Witness to 490 Dignified Transfers

Since April 2009, the Associated Press has sent a still photographer to every dignified transfer of servicemen and women killed in Iraq or Afghanistan open to the media. Most often it is freelancer Steve Ruark. To mark Memorial Day, TIME presents a gallery of the almost 500 transfers he has attended since 2009.

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Narciso Contreras—Polaris
Photo Essay

On the Front Lines with the Kachin Independence Army

Mexican photojournalist Narciso Contreras documents the ongoing conflict in Burma’s Kachin State.

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