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Stephen Wilkes
Photo Essay

Stephen Wilkes’ Incredible Cityscapes Span Day to Night

Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates unique and exhaustive images of major cities in his series, Day to Night, capturing the hustle and bustle of an entire day in a single photo.

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MerPalooza Mermaid Festival 2013

Pictures of the Week: August 9 – August 16

From violence in Egypt and the IAAF World Championships in Moscow to a sinkhole near Disney World and a shark eating a shark, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

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Marco Longari—AFP/Getty Images
Man on the Wire

Marco Longari: TIME Picks 2012’s Best Photographer on the Wires

TIME acknowledges the distinctive and powerful work of Agence-France Presse chief photographer Marco Longari, our pick for the best photographer on the wires in 2012.

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Oded Balilty—AP for TIME
Out There

The Ultra-Holy City: Photographs by Oded Balilty

Israeli photographer Oded Balilty photographed the ultra-Orthodox communities of Jerusalem which have been growing rapidly in recent years.

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Lightbox April 16, 2012

Pictures of the Week: April 13 – April 20

From centennial celebrations of the birth of Kim Il-Sung in North Korea and attacks in Afghanistan to the moving of the space shuttle Discovery and Nepalese New Year, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week.

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Oded Balilty—AP
Man on the Wire

Oded Balilty: The Art of Storytelling

AP photographer Oded Balilty’s photographs reveal a quieter side of Israeli daily life—beyond the conflict.

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Uriel Sinai—Getty Images
The Backstory

The Nakba: Violence Marks the Anniversary of a Palestinian Exodus

Tensions rise in Jerusalem as Palestinians commemorate the displacement that followed Israel’s Independence in 1948.

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