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City of Dreams
Photo Essay

Playacting for Power in Istanbul: Portraits of Protesters and Soap Opera Stars

Following a long hiatus away from photography after being injured in Libya, photojournalist Guy Martin writes for LightBox about his newest project pairing the theatricality of Istanbul’s protests with the drama of its soap opera stages.

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Demonstration in Istanbul

Pictures of the Week: June 7 – June 14

From ceremonies marking the six-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre and continued unrest in Turkey to the recovery of a rare World War II German bomber from the sea and the newly renovated Nelson Mandela Center in South Africa, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

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Gezi Park Protests
Photo Essay

Turmoil in Istanbul: Guy Martin at Turkey’s Gezi Park Protests

Photographer Guy Martin writes for LightBox about his experiences on the periphery of the weekend’s tumultuous protests in Istanbul’s Gezi Park.

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Stefan Bladh
Photo Essay

A Family Revisited

Nine years after he first met the Kaplans, Swedish photographer Stefan Bladh returned to Istanbul to show them his photo book, which documents their lives and hardships.

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