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BAFFIN ISLAND, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 5  A polar bear collapses on the ground after being shot by Inuit hunters in Baffin Island, Canada on Sept. 5, 2013. The Inuit in Canada have traditionally hunted polar bears for subsistence and income to provide for their families, given the high cost of living in isolated regions of northern Canada, and continue to do so to this day with the blessing of the government. To them, the polar bear hunt provides a much needed lifeline to impoverished Inuit families, many of whom face a wide range of social issues stemming from the forced removal from their traditional way of life and systematic assimilation into sedentary communities. However, the United States and many environmental groups list the polar bear as a threatened species, and have pushed for a global ban on the commercial trade of their fur, meat, and body parts. Canada, which is host to roughly 80% of the world's global polar bear population, insists that there has been no noticeable decline.  (Ed Ou/Reportage by Getty Images)
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Crimson on White: Hunting the Polar Bear

The images of a polar bear hunt will be hard to view, but life in Canada’s impoverished Inuit communities is just as hard

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