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Marie Rime, Hyres Festival 2014
In Progress

Photography and Fashion Collide at Hyères Festival

In a modernist mansion on the French Riviera, 20 emerging artists present their work to the upper echelons of fashion and photography during the 29th International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyres, an extravagant, career-defining competition.

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Anouk Kruithof
Out There

Analog Interactivity and the Photography of Anouk Kruithof

Photographer Anouk Kruithof had taken too many photographs. So she found an editor who had never taken a single one.

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Jessica Eaton

Jessica Eaton: Cube, Color, Cosmos

Canadian photographer Jessica Eaton, who recently won the photography prize at the 2012 Hyères Festival, uses her camera to create color invisible to the naked eye.

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