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LIBYA. Misurata. Tim's Last Photograph. April 20. 2011.
Out There

“A Day Without News?”: Raising Awareness of the Perils of Reporting

The journalistic community is marking the anniversary of Marie Colvin and Rémi Ochlik’s deaths with “A Day Without News?” — a campaign to raise awareness of the hostile and dangerous conditions that many reporters and photographers work under around the world.

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Riccardo Gangale
The Backstory

A Fixer in Need: Good News from The Pastor

Pastor Marrion P’Udongo worked as a fixer with just about every journalist who passed through Congo, and spent years guiding photographers through displacement camps, firefights, and into the homes of people who’d been raped and assaulted. The Pastor needed help, and the world responded. An update on his condition after a kidney transplant.

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Marcus Bleasdale—VII
The Backstory

A Fixer In Need

As journalists and photographers, we all fill with pride when we see our byline printed on the page. But never does the reader see the names of the fixers who make it all happen. Now one of these fixers is in need.

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