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Once filled with cafés and shops, the Qabaris neighborhood in the Old City area of Homs has been reduced to rubble. May 12, 2014.
Photo Essay

Syrians Return to Devastation in Homs

For this week’s issue of TIME, photographer Yuri Kozyrev traveled to Syria to document locals returning to the almost completely-leveled city of Homs. The return came after a ceasefire between the government and rebel forces who held the city for almost two years

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Narciso Contreras—Polaris
Man on the Wire

From the Front Lines: Syria by Narciso Contreras

Over the last five months, TIME has witnessed the emergence of a new voice — that of Mexican-born freelance photographer Narciso Contreras. Here, LightBox showcases Contreras’s work from Syria, illustrating his commitment and distinct vision to covering the bloodshed of an intractable war that’s stretched through 2012.

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Edouard Elias—Getty Images / Aug. 21, 2012
The Backstory

Syria’s Agony: The Photographs That Moved Them Most

As the civil war in Syria reaches even newer levels of horror, TIME asked 28 photojournalists to reflect on their most powerful work from the conflict over the last year. Often directly putting their lives at risk, these photographers have recorded agonizing and traumatic moments for the world to see.

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Rémi Ochlik—IP3
Out There

Rémi Ochlik’s Revolutions

Revolutions, a book featuring the work of war photographer Rémi Ochlik, who was killed this spring in Syria, has just been published by LightBox presents images from the book taken during conflicts in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria.

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William Daniels—Panos for TIME
Photo Essay

Escape from Syria: Photographs by William Daniels

Photographer William Daniels describes his perilous journey into and out of Syria.

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Alessio Romenzi for TIME
Photo Essay

Syria Under Siege: Photographs by Alessio Romenzi

Syria is no longer sliding into war or staring at the abyss of warfare. Syria is at war. On assignment for TIME this week, photographer Alessio Romenzi risked his life documenting civilian casualties in Bab Amr, a district in the besieged city of Homs.

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Moises Saman—Magnum
Photo Essay

Syria, Decisively Seen

In July, while working for the New York Times, photographer Moises Saman journeyed into Syria as the first Western photographer to enter the country since the conflict between anti-government protestors and forces of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad began.

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