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Mary Ellen Mark
Out There

A Very Doggy Christmas: Mary Ellen Mark’s Legendary Canine Party

For those who don’t know Mary Ellen Mark personally, the notion of one of the world’s premier documentary photographers hosting a Christmas party for dogs might sound downright weird. But for the past decade, Mark has opened the doors of her New York City studio to throngs of canines.

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Ilona Szwarc
Photo Essay

The Camera as a Bridge: A Daughter-in-Law’s Tale on Mother’s Day

Photographer Ilona Szwarc’s camera has brought her closer to her mother-in-law than she could ever imagine. LightBox presents Szwarc’s on-going project in honor of Mother’s Day.

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Mike Sinclair

Public Assembly: The Photographs of Mike Sinclair

For this week’s issue, we combed countless archives in search of the perfect photograph to accompany a history of the American Dream, the subject of the cover story by Jon Meacham. In the end, we turned to photographer Mike Sinclair, who’s been rigorously documenting America’s heartland near his home in Kansas City, Mo.

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Gillian Laub
Photo Essay

Thanksgiving Tradition: Gillian Laub’s Turkey Day

For as long as she can remember, Thanksgiving has been photographer Gillian Laub’s favorite holiday. Eleven years ago, she began photographing her family’s annual gatherings to document the growth and aging process she saw in family members. Now, she’s added another chapter to the story — a fifth generation. Laub, with husband Tahl Raz, welcomed newborn Shiloh Isadora on November 16th, 2012, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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