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Nick Veasey for TIME

Peeking Inside Health Care: Nick Veasey’s Medical X-Rays

To accompany this week’s cover story, TIME commissioned Veasey to take X-ray images of medical supplies, including acetaminophen bottles, IV bags and syringes. Using low-dose radiation from one of his three X-ray machines, Veasey turned the supplies into pellucid still lifes.

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Out There

Into Oblivion: Documenting the Memory Loss from Alzheimer’s

Photographer Maja Daniels spent three years documenting the residents of an Alzheimer’s ward in France, creating portraits that convey the frustrations and challenges of living with dementia.

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Rahmat Gul–AP

Pictures of the Week: June 22 – June 29

From the health care ruling and the Colorado wildfires to the U.S. Olympic trials and baby giant pandas, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week.

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