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Ross McDonnell—Courtesy of Grafika La Estampa
Photo Essay

Auto Defensa: Rough Justice in Mexico’s Lawless Mountains

Photographer Ross McDonnell documents a new chapter in Mexico’s enduring battle against violent crime, as communities in Guerrero State take the law into their own hands. His ambrotype wet plate portraits go on view at Paris Photo 2013.

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image: A gang member poses with a gun in Caracas. Some 50 homicides occur in the city each week.
Photo Essay

The Street Gangs of Caracas

Venezuelan photographer Oscar Castillo has risked his life photographing the street gangs of Caracas for the past three years.

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Damir Sagoli—Reuters

The Best Pictures of the Week, October 7 – October 14

From flooding in Bangkok and the baseball playoffs to Cairo’s deadly clashes and the Liberian-flagged Rena cargo ship grounded off New Zealand’s coast, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week.

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Thomas Prior
Photo Essay

A Weekend at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

Twice a year, thousands of gun enthusiasts descend on West Point, KY for the Knob Creek Range’s Machine Gun Shoot. Photographer Thomas Prior covered the event in April.

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Pete Muller—AP
Man on the Wire

The Violent Cattle Keepers of Southern Sudan’s Pastoralist Tribes

Pete Muller’s dark and powerful portraits of the Dinka Rek sub-tribe of southern Sudan, where Cattle raiding takes place with alarming regularity and costs hundreds, of lives each year.

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