Topic: Great Depression

Photo Essay

Bridging Eras: Photographer Sam Comen’s Travels Through Lost Hills

Photographer Sam Comen wanted to find a new way to explore the American historical narrative, so he turned to the small town of Lost Hills, Calif. to illustrate the duality of the immigrant-American experience.

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The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Willard Van Dyke
Out There

‘American Photographs’ by Walker Evans

The 75th anniversary edition of Walker Evans’ American Photographs, published by the Museum of Modern Art, reinforces the power and mastery of the legendary photographer’s work.

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Berenice Abbott / Courtesy of Editions Hazan and Yale University Press
Out There

New York, Cocteau and a Parabolic Mirror: ‘Berenice Abbott: Photographs’

The work of Berenice Abbott, who photographed Depression-era New York, is featured in a new exhibition at Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario and an accompanying book.

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