Topic: Father’s Day

This is the closet thing I had to an image of my father. A cut out of him in my mother's photo album.
Photo Essay

Inventing My Father: Diana Markosian’s Long Journey Home

Photographer Diana Markosian traveled back to her native Armenia to reconnect with her father, a man with whom she’d had no contact since she was a child.

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Scott Alario—Courtesy Kristen Lorello New York
In Progress

Fatherhood and Folklore: Behind Scott Alario’s Photographic Fables

Photographer Scott Alario set out to create a fantasy land for his daughter in his lush, black and white photos. Now nearly six-years-old, she’s calling the shots, and pushing his work in the direction of a dreamy documentary of family and fatherhood.

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David Magnusson
Photo Essay

Happy Father’s Day: Portraits from America’s Purity Balls

The subjects of photographer David Magnusson’s series are participants in Purity Balls, an American phenomenon in which girls promise to remain virgins until marriage and their fathers pledge to help them do so.

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