Topic: Farm Security Administration

The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Willard Van Dyke
Out There

‘American Photographs’ by Walker Evans

The 75th anniversary edition of Walker Evans’ American Photographs, published by the Museum of Modern Art, reinforces the power and mastery of the legendary photographer’s work.

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Gordon Parks

Fields of Vision: The Early Work of Gordon Parks

A new book by the Library of Congress showcases images taken by the photographer during an internship with the a government agency.

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Debbie Grossman—Julie Saul Gallery
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For Women Only: Re-imagining Russell Lee’s Pie Town

Using digital manipulation, Brooklyn-based artist Debbie Grossman takes Russell Lee’s photographs of rural homesteaders in New Mexico, taken for the Farm Security Administration in 1940, and creates her own utopian village, My Pie Town.

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