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EGYPT. Cairo. 2012.
Out There

After the Revolution: Interior Lives in Egypt

Bieke Depoorter, a photographer based in Belgium, has found a way to uniquely document everyday Egyptian life.

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Amy Powell
Out There

Photos of the Real World: Amy Powell’s Family Album

Photographer and schoolteacher Amy Powell’s moving pictures provide an exceptional look at everyday American life.

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Rebecca Norris Webb
Out There

Rebecca Norris Webb: ‘My Dakota’

Rebecca Norris Webb describes the geography of loss captured in her new book, My Dakota.

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Eugene Richards

One Year Later: The Story of Eugene Richards’ ‘War is Personal’ Continues

A year after LightBox launched, we catch up with Eugene Richards about how a photography project can follow a photographer.

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Brian Shumway
In Progress

Happy Valley: A Photographer Reflects on His Mormon Upbringing

Brian Shumway creates a visual and emotional exploration of his own childhood and adolescence by photographing his siblings and their children, all of whom still practice the religion.

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Kenneth O’Halloran
Photo Essay

Living with Alzheimer’s

Photographer Kenneth O’Halloran is best known for documentary projects about his Irish homeland. But here he shares work about his then-girlfriend’s family in Spain as it cares for a father suffering from Alzheimer’s.

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