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A demonstrator stands in front of burning vehicles during violent clashes with police in the center of Kyiv on Hrushevsky Street. The violence began after demonstrators marched toward parliament from Independence Square. They encountered police forces who blocked their path and the violence ensued from there. Hundreds were wounded in the violence and at least three demonstrators were killed over several days. January 19, 2014

Joseph Sywenkyj Wins W. Eugene Smith Grant

American photographer Joseph Sywenkyj has won the the $30,000 W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography for his work documenting the lives of families affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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After my time
Photo Essay

A Place I Knew So Well: Joachim Ladefoged Looks Back at His Childhood Homes

Shortly after 9/11 and the birth of his first child, award-winning photographer Joachim Ladefoged stepped away from conflict reportage and spent a decade revisiting the homes he knew as a child in Denmark.

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Brothers Vinny and David stand together as the sky darkens before a summer storm.
In Progress

The Intersection of Love and Loss: Confronting Youth Incarceration

Photographer Isadora Kosofsky followed one family for over two years, documenting the impact the vast and complicated juvenile justice system has on individuals and their families.

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