Topic: Drug War

Shaul Schwarz
The Moving Image

Mexico’s Narco Cultura: Glorifying Drug War Death and Destruction

Shaul Schwarz’s new feature-length documentary captures the discomforting co-existence in Mexican and Mexican-American life of the horrifying violence of the drug wars and its celebration in pop and movies.

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Rafael Fabrés
Photo Essay

Pacifying the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is bustling in preparation for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Photographer Rafael Fabrés documented how Rio’s police force has radically shifted its fight against violence and drug trafficking in the city’s favelas.

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Shaul Schwarz—Reportage by Getty Images for TIME
Photo Essay

Mexico’s Ongoing Drug Violence, by Shaul Schwarz

TIME contract photographer Shaul Schwarz writes for LightBox about his experiences documenting drug-related violence in Mexico for several years.

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