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Abdul Rahim Qadl (centre) grimaces in a haze after smoking a hit of opium resin under Pul-e Sukhta bridge, Kabul. He recounts the tale of how he first got addicted. During the Taliban era (1996-2001) he fled to Iran with his family, aged 14, so as to escape the extremely severe restrictions on citizen freedoms enforced by the regime. Shunned by Iranian society as ill-educated refugees they took to the streets, crime and whatever menial jobs were available. An older street friend convinced Abdul to try his first hit of heroin aged 16, and since then he has been unable to stop (he's 29 now). Eventually, his family rejected him for using their earnings on drugs and moved away to Tehran without leaving means for communication. In 2003, he decided to return to Kabul, and has since continued a lifestyle of crime and drugs, unable to find permanent work or an effective recovery program. A strong, outspoken man he nonetheless suffers from severe self-esteem problems, blaming much of the misery and pain in his life on his inability to escape the addiction cycle.
Photo Essay

Documenting Drug Addiction in Kabul

It took 12 visits for photographer Souvid Datta to gain the trust of drug users in Kabul, Afghanistan

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Condition One

Here’s What It’s Like Inside the First Virtual Reality Documentary

Is virtual reality the future of documentary work? Danfung Dennis seems to think so as he unveils his first immersive film designed for Oculus Rift

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Namsa Leuba
Out There

A Fresh Look at Africa through Nigeria’s Largest Photo Festival

The LagosPhoto 2014 photography festival sees photographers present work that offer an alternative to the “Afro-pessimism” usually on display in the media

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RAF Aircraftman Jason Hopkins at the War & Peace Revival in Folkestone, England on July 20, 2013.
In Progress

For England’s WWII Reenactors, Authenticity Is the Message

Photojournalist Daniella Zalcman spent the last year photographing British war reenactors paying tribute to history and the lasting legacy of World War II.

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Khashayar Sharifae
Follow Friday

#LightBoxFF: Everyday Iran With Khashayar Sharifaee

Iranian photographer and industrial design student Khashayar Sharifaee uses Instagram to document the often unseen daily lives of ordinary Iranians through surreal, documentary snapshots and dreamlike, blended images

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Victoria Sambunaris
Out There

On the Road: Victoria Sambunaris’ Travels Across the American Landscape

Over the past decade photographer Victoria Sambunaris has crossed the country to document the modern-day monuments of industry that have settled into the contemporary landscape.

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Shaul Schwarz for TIME
The Backstory

A Photographer Finds a New World of Expression in Film

In light of the growing demand for quality visual storytelling from media organizations, photographer Shaul Schwarz — who recently directed Rise Red Border Films’ story of the people who built One World Trade Center — has set up Reel Peak Films, a production company combining photojournalists and filmmakers.

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Nicholas Albrecht
Photo Essay

Salton Sea: An Italian Photographer Documents a Surreal American Oasis

Italian photographer Nicholas Albrecht only expected to visit the Salton Sea for a few days, instead he stayed 10-months. His photographs document his personal experience of this isolated region in the Southern California desert.

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Pakistan Daily Life
Man on the Wire

Muhammed Muheisen: TIME Picks the Best Wire Photographer of 2013

At-once authoritative and distinctive, Muheisen’s photographs have become indispensable for news outlets the world over.

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Shaul Schwarz
The Moving Image

Mexico’s Narco Cultura: Glorifying Drug War Death and Destruction

Shaul Schwarz’s new feature-length documentary captures the discomforting co-existence in Mexican and Mexican-American life of the horrifying violence of the drug wars and its celebration in pop and movies.

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