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Inside the Ebola Crisis: The Images that Moved them Most

10 Photographers covering the Ebola crisis talk to TIME about images they made that moved them deeply

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Image: Latif, son of Jam Pumhoom, got polio when he was 8 years old
Photo Essay

Endgame for an Enduring Disease? Pakistan’s Fight Against Polio

Twenty-three years after it was eradicated in the United States, polio still stalks Pakistan, one of three countries left in the world where the devastating disease is still endemic. Photographer Diego Ibarra Sánchez documented Pakistan’s struggle to get a handle on the disease.

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Brent Stirton—Reportage by Getty Images for WWF
Photo Essay

Virus Hunter: How One Scientist Is Preventing the Next Pandemic

Nathan Wolfe runs Global Viral Forecasting, a group that monitors the porous microbiological boundaries between animals and humans, with the aim of identifying emerging viruses before they start causing problems.

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Nancy Borowick
Photo Essay

A Photographer’s Intimate Account of Her Mother’s Cancer Ordeal

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, Nancy Borowick shares her experience of photographing her mother’s second fight against the disease.

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