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A Palestinian girl play outside her family's tent in a poverty-stricken quarter of the town of Younis
Man on the Wire

2013: An Amazing Year of Déjà Vu

This year, we decided to play off the idea of déjà vu that we started last year — embarking on an anthropological dig through our collective visual memory to unearth images from the past year that awaken a familiar sense of recognition.

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Pictures of the Week: April 19 – April 26

From funerals and prayer vigils in Boston and a deadly garment factory collapse in Bangladesh to the legalization of gay marriage in France and a giant inflatable pig in China, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

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Man on the Wire

2012: A Year of Deja Vu

TIME embarks on an anthropological dig through our collective visual memory, unearthing images from the last twelve months that awakened in us a familiar sense that we’ve seen them somewhere before.

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