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Have a Nice Day, Ocala, FL, 2012, from the project, 'Florida: Eden Isle'.
Photo Essay

The Myth and Mystery of the Sunshine State

Florida isn’t like other places. In fact, in some ways, Florida isn’t even like Florida. The work of David Walter Banks illustrates much of the Floridian myth, deepening the mystery of the Sunshine State’s singularly odd appeal.

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Joseph Maida
In Progress

Celebrate Japan’s White Day with Joseph Maida

March 14 is White Day, a Japanese holiday that exists to counterbalance Valentine’s Day. It’s an example of a phenomenon that photographer Joseph Maida says he sees throughout the country and explores in his latest work on Japan.

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Royal Horse Artillery—©Archive of Modern Conflict
Out There

Amc²: A Compilation of History’s Lost Cultures

A new journal seeks to coalesce “different groups of work that illuminate lost corners of our cultural life.”

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