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Park rangers hike down from their outpost on the Nyiragongo volcano in the Virunga National Park, where environmentalists are opposing oil drilling, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Photojournalism Daily: Nov. 19, 2014

Photojournalism Daily is a compilation of the most interesting photojournalism found on the web, curated by Mikko Takkunen

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Congolese attend a Sunday church service in the village of Kitshanga, in Masisi territory on March 9, 2014.
The Backstory

Photojournalism Daily: Oct. 1, 2014

Photojournalism Links is a compilation of the most interesting photojournalism found on the web, curated by Mikko Takkunen

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A view over the village of Ngomashi, four hours trek over mountains and through thick bush from the end of the nearest road, Aug 14, 2014.
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See the Real Impact of War in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Phil Moore, a British photojournalist based in Nairobi, has spent much of the last three years covering the periods of battle and quiet in Democratic Republic of Congo. This is his story.

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Democratic Republic of Congo War
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Things Fall Apart: Masculinity and Violence in Congo

Can failed masculinity contribute to violence, asks photographer Pete Muller, who, for the past year, has studied the relationships between ideals of manhood and violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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GOMA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, 4 OCTOBER 2008: Orphaned mountain gorilla Ndkasi and her ICCN conservation ranger care-giver Baboo play in the make-shift gorilla orphanage in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, 4 October 2008. At this time, the make-shift facility was noisy and dusty, the opposite of the natural environment of the mountain gorilla sector of the Park. The care-giver lives and sleeps in the same space with the orphan in 3 weeks shifts, 24/7, with one week off a month to see his family. Ndkasi's mother was killed in order to secure the Gorilla baby by poachers. The poachers had hoped to sell the baby but were caught in a sting by ICCN conservation rangers. Mountain Gorillas are extremely endangered and exist in a small region of the Virunga mountains on the border of DR Congo and Rwanda with a small family in Uganda. Today, the Senkekwe Mountain Gorilla Orphanage has been built inside the headquarters of the ICCN at Rumangabo, about 50 kilometers outside of Goma, that facility houses 5 orphans including the latest orphan Ihirwe. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images.)
Photo Essay

Saving Congo’s Gorillas: A Refuge for Species Under Threat

The genetic difference between a gorilla and a human being is tiny—we share 98.4% of our DNA. Photographer Brent Stirton photographed the gorillas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the people who care for them, documenting a bond that is more than just genes.

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Severely mentally disabled men and women are shackled and locked away in Juba Central Prison for years on end. The new nation of South Sudan faces a tremendous challenge to build a modern country capable of caring for all of its citizens. Juba, Sudan. January 2011. Photo Robin Hammond/Panos
Out There

Harrowing Photos of the Mentally Ill in Sub-Saharan Africa

Robin Hammond was awarded a $30,000 grant for his work documenting mental illness in sub-Saharan Africa.

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TEAM, Wildlife Conservation Society

TEAM Animals: Leopards and Chimps and Birds, Oh My!

Photographs of elephants deep in the Ugandan jungle, leopards in the Ecuadorian rain forests or jacquacus in a national park in Peru have never been seen like this before. TEAM, the Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring Network, has installed cameras in the middle of remote areas all over the world to collect data on local animals and climate.

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Lightbox March 7, 2012

Pictures of the Week: March 2 – March 9

From the Presidential election in Russia to Super Tuesday in the U.S. to fires in Congo and the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week.

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Mario Tama—Getty Images

Pictures of the Week, December 9 – December 16

From a shooting in Belgium and Congo protests to the lunar eclipse, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week.

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Pete Muller—AP Photo
Man on the Wire

Pete Muller: TIME Picks the Best Photographer on the Wires

Of the millions of photographs moving through the news services—known as “the wires”—this year, the work of Associated Press freelancer Pete Muller stood out. His exceptional photographs—focused on Africa and particularly Sudan—take an individual approach to storytelling, one that combines a distinctive aesthetic with journalistic integrity.

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