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Angelo Musco
Out There

The Art of Aggregation: Angelo Musco’s Bodyscapes

Italian artist Angelo Musco has spent years catching viewers by surprise. His conceptual worlds aren’t just immense, they are constructed from millions of nude human bodies.

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Cape Flight
Out There

Baby Henry Flies Again

One year ago, LightBox published Rachel Hulin’s series of whimsical photographs of her son, Henry, magically flying. Now, a new children’s book captures all of his Henry’s adventures.

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Jehad Nga
In Progress

The Green Book Project by Jehad Nga

Photographer Jehad Nga’s project depicts the conflicting values of Libyan culture through gathered images broken down into binary code and disrupted by the rhetoric of Muammar Gaddafi’s doctrine.

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Vincent Fournier
Out There

Imagining the Future Animal

Vincent Fournier worked with animal geneticists to understand how creatures adapt to a changing world. His new work imagines what it would be like if rabbits were super intelligent, ibises had silicon claws and orchids tasted like bananas.

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