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Spanish Riding School performs in Amsterdam

The Best Pictures of the of the Week: Nov. 28 – Dec. 5.

From ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s acquittal to protests over Eric Garner’s chokehold death verdict and the launch of NASA’s unmanned exploration spacecraft Orion to the White House’s Christmas decorations, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

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The Backstory

From Photography to Film: Stanley Kubrick Enters the Ring

Stanley Kubrick was still a teenager when he was hired as a staff photographer for Look Magazine. One of his photo essays, scenes from the life of Bronx-born boxer Walter Cartier, would inspire the acclaimed filmmaker’s directorial debut, ‘Day at the Fight.’

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Howard Schatz

At the Fights: How Howard Schatz Gets His Best Boxing Shots

In his six-year journey to comprehensively capture the world of professional boxing, Howard Schatz experimented with flash, lighting, shutter speed—and even threw water, salt and powder on the athletes—to create the stroboscopic effect in his latest images.

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Andrea Bruce—NOOR for TIME
Photo Essay

For a Female Boxer from Afghanistan, An Olympic Journey Ends

Afghan boxer Sadaf Rahimi’s path to London has ended after the International Boxing Association decided on July 18 that she could not compete, citing concerns that boxing against opponents of much higher standards might threaten her safety in the ring.

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Oded Balilty—AP
Man on the Wire

The Ultimate Prize Fighters: Practicing Peace through Boxing in Israel

Oded Balilty explores how young Israeli Arabs and Jews come together as equals in the boxing ring.

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Andreas Gursky / Museum of Modern Art / Licensed by SCALA / Art Resource, New York
Out There

Big Shots: Photography at ‘The Sports Show’

Can you really mount a worthwhile retrospective of sports photography without some of the most iconic athletes and moments? Turns out you can. In fact, “The Sports Show,” a photography and new-media exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, is better off for it.

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Muhammad Ali at the Astrodome
The Backstory

Happy Birthday, Muhammad Ali: 70 Iconic Images for 70 Years

On his 70th birthday, TIME presents 70 iconic images (and one for good luck!) of the boxing legend and Civil Rights activist, as athletes, celebrities and photographers recall their favorite memories of The Greatest.

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Photo Essay

The Greatest: Remembering Muhammad Ali’s Rumble in the Jungle

On the 30th anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s final bout, TIME looks back on one of his greatest victories, through the work of Magnum photographer Abbas.

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