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Zapruder film frame #372 of Kennedy assassination showing Mrs. Kennedy climbing towards Secret Service agent who is attempting to board back of limousine after Pres. Kennedy has been shot. Dallas. United States. Nov. 22, 1963.
Out There

When Amateur Photographers Make the Front Page

Are camera phone-equipped amateurs to blame for professional photographers’ financial woes? A new exhibition, now on show at the Visa pour l’Image photojournalism festival, aims to bring a definite answer to the question.

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Smith Neuvieme—Fotokonbit
In Progress

Fotokonbit: Putting Cameras in Haitian Hands

Some of best images at this year’s LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph were not made by professionals, but by amateurs — participants in “social photography workshops” in Haiti run by the non-profit organization Fotokonbit.

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Stefanie Gordon
The Backstory

Amateur Photo of Shuttle Goes Viral

Despite hundreds of professional photographers covering today’s shuttle launch, an image taken on an iPhone by an unemployed event planner from Hoboken is the most memorable – and the most viral.

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