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Brent Stirton—Reportage by Getty Images for WWF
Photo Essay

Virus Hunter: How One Scientist Is Preventing the Next Pandemic

Nathan Wolfe runs Global Viral Forecasting, a group that monitors the porous microbiological boundaries between animals and humans, with the aim of identifying emerging viruses before they start causing problems.

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Krisanne Johnson—Prospekt Fotografi
Out There

Krisanne Johnson Awarded the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography

After receiving the prestigious prize Wednesday evening, Johnson writes about I Love You Real Fast, a project that documents young women’s struggles with HIV/AIDS in Swaziland.

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Somalia, Dominic Nahr—Magnum for TIME
Photo Essay

Collateral Crisis: The Catastrophic Famine in Somalia

Over six days in Mogadishu in early August, TIME contract photographer Dominic Nahr documented appalling suffering and death among the hundreds of thousands of refugees who had fled famine in the south of the country.

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Yann Gross
In Progress

Yann Gross: Uganda’s Homegrown Skate Park

During a visit to Uganda, Yann Gross discovers a pack of budding skateboarders in the suburbs of Kampala.

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Jehad Nga for TIME
Photo Essay

Haven and Hell: The World’s Largest Refugee Camp

The world’s biggest complex of refugee camps is already so full, there are about 70,000 people living outside it. Mostly women and children, they shelter from the elements in domelike huts made from sticks, plastic sheeting and discarded cartons from aid packets. Photographer Jehad Nga photographs the existence of life inside and outside the Dadaab refugee complex.

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Dominic Nahr—Magnum for TIME
Photo Essay

A Perilous Threat to Rhinos

There are two groups of people shooting rhinos in southern Africa today. The first are poachers, who shoot to kill, then hack off horns and gouge out eyes. The second are game wardens, who stun with tranquilizer darts, then insert tracker microchips into the horn. TIME contract photographer Dominic Nahr captures both.

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Courtesy Viviane Sassen

In the Shadow of Viviane Sassen

Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen works along the thin line separating art and commerce.  She is dually known for her innovative fashion work in French Vogue, Purple, and POP and for her surrealist African portraiture.

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James Nachtwey for TIME
The Backstory

When the World Turned Its Back: James Nachtwey’s Reflections on the Rwandan Genocide

In 1994 TIME photographer James Nachtwey witnessed the devastating effects of the Rwandan genocide. Here, the photographer looks back on the tragedy.

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Maske: Phyllis Galembo—Surprise Box
Out There

Maske: Phyllis Galembo

Phyllis Galembo’s extraordinary photographs document the costume, ritual and traditions of masquerade within Africa and across the African diaspora.

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Pete Muller / AP
Man on the Wire

Justice for Rape Victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Portraits of the women who participated in a landmark case in the D.R.C. Photographs by Pete Muller / AP

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