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Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel
Out There

‘Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel': Collaborative Semantics

A new book looks back at decades of collaborative work by artists Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel.

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Olivia Bee

Smells Like Teen Spirit: Tavi Gevinson Interviews Olivia Bee

Despite being only 17-years-old, Olivia Bee has already attracted top clients with her intimate and poetic vision of teenage life. TIME asked 15-year-old fashion blogging phenomenon Tavi Gevinson to interview her about her life and art.

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Courtesy Viviane Sassen

In the Shadow of Viviane Sassen

Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen works along the thin line separating art and commerce.  She is dually known for her innovative fashion work in French Vogue, Purple, and POP and for her surrealist African portraiture.

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