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Russia, Yekaterinburg. Alexey, 33 years old, is injecting a dose of Krokodil. Because of its dependence on Krokodil, Alexey has injuries and swelling on the feet and is forced to walk with a cane.
Photo Essay

The World’s Deadliest Drug: Inside a Krokodil Cookhouse

Photographer Emanuele Satolli has spent the past year chronicling a group of Russians addicted to krokodil, a lethal opiate made with ingredients from hardware stores and pharmacies that causes skin to become scaly, rot and fall off the bone.

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Tony Fouhse
Out There

Live Through This: Documenting One Woman’s Struggle with Heroin

At a time when heroin use is rising among teens, Tony Fouhse’s powerful new book captures a young woman’s recovery from addiction, as well as an unconventional relationship between subject and documentary photographer.

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