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Image: Mario Balotelli by Levon Biss for TIME
The Backstory

Behind the Cover: Photographing Super Mario

Levon Biss photographed soccer star Mario Balotelli for this week's cover of TIME International.

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The Backstory

From Photography to Film: Stanley Kubrick Enters the Ring

Stanley Kubrick was still a teenager when he was hired as a staff photographer for Look Magazine. One of his photo essays, scenes from the life of Bronx-born boxer Walter Cartier, would inspire the acclaimed filmmaker's directorial debut, 'Day at the Fight.'

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Image: Ghost
In Progress

Haunt Me: The Scare Houses of Lisa Kereszi

You don’t need to be Susan Sontag to understand that photographing something reduces its fear factor. That's why Lisa Kereszi challenged her fears and began photographing haunted houses.

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Image: A truck submerged in water at the entrance to the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel in Lower Manhattan
In Progress

In the Eye of the Storm: Capturing Sandy’s Wrath

TIME commissioned five photographers to document Hurricane Sandy in various locations across the Eastern seaboard.

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Howard Schatz

At the Fights: How Howard Schatz Gets His Best Boxing Shots

In his six-year journey to comprehensively capture the world of professional boxing, Howard Schatz experimented with flash, lighting, shutter speed—and even threw water, salt and powder on the athletes—to create the stroboscopic effect in his latest images.

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Photo Essay

Alma: A Tale of Guatemala’s Violence

LightBox presents an exclusive look at an interactive, narrative documentary about gang violence in Guatemala told through the story of Alma, a young former gang member.

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Image: Oct. 20, 2012. A Free Syrian Army fighters carry a civilian away from the line of fire after he was shot twice by a Syrian army sniper in Aleppo, Syria.

Pictures of the Week: October 19 – 26

From the start of baseball's World Series and Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean to the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and people dressed as pandas, TIME presents the best images of the week.

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Photo colorization by Sanna Dullaway for TIME / Original image by Alexander Gardner / Library of Congress
The Backstory

A Vibrant Past: Colorizing the Archives of History

For this week's issue of TIME, Sanna Dullaway digitally colorized archival images of America's 16th president in hopes of bringing history to life. Here's a look back on the iconic images she's revisited.

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Marco Grob for TIME
The Backstory

The Men Behind Lincoln: Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg by Marco Grob

During a TIME photo shoot with Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg, contract photographer Marco Grob received a bit of unexpected guidance from a master of the screen.

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Laurent Chéhère—Galerie Paris-Beijing
Out There

Laurent Chéhère’s Flying Houses

Laurent Chéhère's "Flying Houses" project is at once a charming, imaginative take on Paris and a wistful vision of dreams deferred.

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