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Ashes to Ashes: The Growing Popularity of Cremation

When families that want cremation walk into Bradshaw Funeral & Cremation Services in Stillwater, Minn., they’re presented two options: fire or water. TIME sent photographer and filmmaker Shaul Schwarz to Stillwater to document Bradshaw's innovative service as well as the crematory and mausoleum at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis.

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Yolanda Cuomo at her desk in her Chelsea studio, New York NY, February 4, 2012.

Profile of a Curatorial Master: Yolanda Cuomo

Yolanda Cuomo is the curatorial voice behind some of the 20th century's greatest photographic books. This year, alongside Melissa Harris, Cuomo is co-curating this year's LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Va.

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Reed Young
In Progress

The Ground Zero of Immigration: El Paso by Reed Young

Chamizal is a small neighborhood in El Paso that sits right on the border. Photographer Reed Young was drawn to the area, a sort of “ground zero” for the national debate on immigration.

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Patients suffering from suspected mental illness inside a center run by volunteers in Thodupuzha.
Photo Essay

The Troubles of Paradise: Paolo Marchetti Documents the Stains of Kerala

Italian photographer Paolo Marchetti traveled to India to document the state of Kerala — renowned for its beautiful scenery and high life expectancy but plagued by a growing number of homeless, alcoholics and suicides.

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Protests in Istanbul

Pictures of the Week: May 31 – June 7

From protests in Turkey and flooding in Europe to Angelina Jolie's selfie and a donkey wedding, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

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Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin—Courtesy MACK
Out There

The Holy Bible, Appropriated: An Illustrated Scripture by Broomberg and Chanarin

Artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin speak about their newest book, Holy Bible, and the changing implications of photography and text as evidence in our image saturated culture.

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Sebastián Liste
Photo Essay

On the Inside: Venezuela’s Most Dangerous Prison

Prisons are Venezuela’s shame: filthy, overcrowded and lawless. Many are run by inmates, who impose a brutal control on the chaos. An exclusive look behind the prison walls by Sebastián Liste.

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Nelli Palomäki
Out There

Breathing the Same Air: Nelli Palomäki’s Portraits of Children

Finnish portrait photographer Nelli Palomäki's newest book, 'Breathing the Same Air,' reveals a sense of strength and knowledge in the adolescents she photographs.

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Ian Willms
Photo Essay

Why We Walk: Following in the Mennonites’ Footsteps

Tracing the footsteps of his Mennonite ancestors across Europe, photographer Ian Willms sought the remnants and ghosts of their lives — and of their suffering.

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Gezi Park Protests
Photo Essay

Turmoil in Istanbul: Guy Martin at Turkey’s Gezi Park Protests

Photographer Guy Martin writes for LightBox about his experiences on the periphery of the weekend's tumultuous protests in Istanbul's Gezi Park.

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