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Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting

In an effort to record the year of his life leading up to the millennium, Jeff Harris took a self-portrait each day and posted them to his website. 2012 marks year fourteen of this inspired and ever-evolving art project that documents a life well lived.

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Dan Kitwood—Getty Images

LightBox 365: A Year in Photographs 2011

LightBox has compiled this yearbook for 2011, literally picking a photo for each day of this astonishing year. It is a remarkable memorial to its high and low points, to agony and to exhilaration. But let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Reuters, via Korean Central News Agency
The Backstory

The Aesthetics of a Dictatorship: North Korea’s Photoshopped Funeral

The authenticity of government-released photographs from North Korea has been questioned for years but not until this week, during the funeral of Kim Jong Il, was the issue as widely discussed and analyzed.

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Susan Anderson for TIME
Out There

LightBox’s Top 10 Posts of 2011

We began LightBox with the idea of engaging readers in a dialogue about the culture of photography and showing people how images are made. Herewith, a selection of our most popular posts from this year.

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©Steidl—Photographs by Kazou Katai
Out There

A Package of Protest

As protests from the Middle East to Wall Street made news in 2011, a new box set of books by Steidl examines various uprisings throughout history.

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Out There

TIME’s Best of 2011: The Photobooks We Loved

LightBox spotlights some of the best photobooks of the year as chosen by a group of photographers and photography experts from around around the world... and of course a few from the photo editors of TIME.

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John Moore—Getty (left); Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR for TIME (right)
Man on the Wire

Two Takes: One Picture, Two Photographers

The romantic notion is that photojournalists bare unique witness to the events of the world as they unfold around them. In reality, due to circumstance, comfort and organizational requirements, photographers often find themselves in the company of fellow photojournalists, working side by side, when covering the news.

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Manuel J. Martinez—Reuters
Man on the Wire

TIME’s Best of 2011: Animals in Peril

The average animal doesn’t make headlines, but countless creatures have been photographed amid the chaos and destruction so widely connected to some of the year’s biggest stories. Here, LightBox looks back on a few furry friends who've found themselves in harm's way this year.

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Ilse Frech
Photo Essay

Nika’s Journey Growing Up With HIV

Dutch photographer Ilse Frech began "Nika. Russia LOVE" in 2005 to explore the life of a young woman in Russia affected by HIV along with all the complications of becoming an adult.

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Seamus Murphy—VII
Man on the Wire

TIME Looks Back at The Best Photos… of Photos from 2011

A look into a collection of news photos of photos, where blissful instants are lost among a sea of uncertainty, and moments from the past are frozen in the present, stark in the contrast between then and now.

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