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Exclusive from NASA: The New Tallest Building in New York City, From Above

The view of New York from the International Space Station evolved today, as the new World Trade tower became the tallest building in the city.

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Sacha Lecca—Rolling Stone, courtesy of the South Street Seaport Museum
Out There

Fight for Your Right: Resources for Photographers Covering Protests

In preparation for Occupy Wall Street's day of action on May 1, LightBox offers a few tips for photographers—professional and amateur alike–who plan to cover the protests.

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Binh Danh

Legacy in Leaves: The Vietnam War Remembered

Binh Danh appropriates iconic images of the Vietnam War, which ended 37 years ago today, and prints them on organic material such as leaves and grass.

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Carleton E. Watkins, courtesy J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.
Out There

Exclusive: Behind the Kraszna-Krausz Photography Book Awards

'Carleton Watkins: The Complete Mammoth Photographs,' by Weston Naef and Christine Hult-Lewis, has been awarded the 2012 Kraszna-Krausz Best Photography Book Award. Judge Jem Southam explains how the decision was made.

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Issouf Sanogo—AFP/Getty Images

Pictures of the Week: April 20 — April 27

From the first round of voting in the French presidential elections and the crisis between Sudan and South Sudan to the continuing eruption of Mt. Etna and a plane crash in Pakistan, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week.

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Gregory Bull—AP
Man on the Wire

So Long, Swoosh: Bidding Farewell to Callista Gingrich’s Famous Bob

With Newt Gingrich leaving the presidential race, LightBox looks back on Callista Gingrich’s now-famous Swoosh, which seemed to captivate photographers all along the campaign trail.

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Pete Muller—Amnesty International
Photo Essay

Inside South Sudan: Pete Muller Photographs Yida’s Refugees

Photographer Pete Muller—honored last night by the Overseas Press Club—spent a week in Yida, South Sudan and neighboring camps providing visual media support for an Amnesty International research mission looking into wide-ranging human rights concerns in the area.

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North Korea Military

David Guttenfelder: A New Look at North Korea

On May 1, 2013, photographer David Guttenfelder will be named the recipient of the 2013 Infinity Award for Photojournalism by the International Center of Photography. Guttenfelder is recognized for his continued efforts documenting daily life inside North Korea for the Associated Press, as part of the team running the agency's new bureau in the country. His work provides an unparalleled look behind the curtain of life in the North.

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André Liohn—Prospekt
Out There

Overseas Press Club Award Winners Announced

The Overseas Press Club of America has just announced the winners of its annual awards. LightBox presents the work of the photojournalists who were honored by the OPC.

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Rian Dundon
In Progress

City on Fire: A Look Inside Changsha in China

Photographer Rian Dundon spent the last six years creating a gritty black and white exploration of people living and making their way in Changsha, China.

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