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Inge Morath—Magnum Photos
Photo Essay

Go on an American Road Trip with the World’s Greatest Photographers

A new photo book maps the history of the American road trip

Mike Osborne
Out There

America Dreaming: Mike Osborne’s Desert Landscapes

At first glance, Mike Osborne’s book, Floating Island (Daylight Books, June 2014), appears to unearth life in the American desert. But its true focus might be what the desert unearths about America.

Guido Mocafico—Hamiltons Gallery/Natural History Museums of Dublin and Geneva
In Progress

Under Alien Seas: Stunning Portraits of Modeled Glass Sea Creatures

They may look alien, but Guido Mocafico's stunning photographs depict meticulous scientific models of (real-life) sea creatures.

Harry Gruyaert
Photo Essay

On World TV Day, Reflections on the Machine That Conquered the Globe

On World TV day, LightBox reflects on life in the "Golden Age" of television.

Jackie Nickerson—Jack Shainman Gallery, New York
Photo Essay

Hiding Africa: Jackie Nickerson’s Portraits of Laborers

Shot in a half-dozen countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, Jackie Nickerson's new work reveals — or rather, disguises — farm workers in surprising new ways.

Matthieu Gafsou—Courtesy Galerie C
Photo Essay

I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Reflections on World Tourism Day

On World Tourism Day, LightBox presents a series of photos that speak to the tourist in all of us.

Mary Ellen Mark
Photo Essay

Almost Human: Mary Ellen Mark’s Photos of Animals

A new show in Oaxaca, Mexico highlights Mark's work in the animal kingdom.

Peter Mangone, courtesy Joshua Greene
Out There

Marilyn, Moving and Still: One Fan’s 16mm Film

He was a 14-year-old kid from the Bronx. She was a 29-year-old movie star at the height of her allure. They inhabited different worlds, but a remarkable five-and-a-half-minute amateur movie that Peter Mangone shot of Marilyn Monroe on the streets of Manhattan in March 1955 captured a rare glimpse behind the legendary actress' veil of artifice.

© Steve McCurry

30 Years, 20 Passports: Untold Stories of Steve McCurry’s Photographic Life

The Magnum photographer's latest book spans 30 years of his career as one of the world's most celebrated photojournalists.

Michael Ackerman—Agence VU/Aurora Photos
Photo Essay

Darkness Visible: On World Goth Day, Photos of Romance and Shadow

In honor of World Goth Day, LightBox presents a selection of images from more than 150 years of photo history—photographs made not by Goth photographers, but pictures that instead evoke the original, dark and beautiful spirit of Goth.

Florian van Roekel—Courtesy Flatland Gallery
Photo Essay

A Major Case of ‘the Mondays': Photographs of Office Life

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! To observe the occasion, LightBox presents a curated selection of images by 10 photographers taken over the past quarter-century on the subject of modern office life — its quirks, arcane customs and distinctive fashions.

Christopher Jonassen
In Progress

‘Devour': Christopher Jonassen’s Remarkable Frying-Pan Still Lifes

Christopher Jonassen's still-life series 'Devour' turns emblems of the ordinary — the common frying pan — into eerie semblances of distant planets.

Viviane Sassen
Out There

Waking Dream: Viviane Sassen’s Fashion Photography

Viviane Sassen, who is famous for her beautiful fine art photography from Africa, is also an accomplished fashion photographer with an exhibition up at the Huis Marseille Museum in Amsterdam.

Dan Holdsworth—Brancolini Grimaldi, London
Photo Essay

The Digital Sublime: Dan Holdsworth’s Virtual Landscapes

By creating virtual versions of places such as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, Dan Holdsworth responds to, and advances, the history of landscape photography.

Laurent Chéhère—Galerie Paris-Beijing
Out There

Laurent Chéhère’s Flying Houses

Laurent Chéhère's "Flying Houses" project is at once a charming, imaginative take on Paris and a wistful vision of dreams deferred.

Shannon Taggart
In Progress

Basement Vodou: Haitian Spirituality in Brooklyn

Since 2005, photographer Shannon Taggart has documented practitioners of Vodou, the oft-misunderstood religion, in neighborhoods around Brooklyn, N.Y.

Pari Dukovic
Photo Essay

Inside the World of Turkish Oil Wrestling

Turkish photographer Pari Dukovic photographed the sport of yağlı güreş, or oil wrestling. The sport is at the heart of Kırkpınar, a festival in the Turkish city of Edirne which is soon celebrating its 651st anniversary.

Andrew Hinderaker for TIME
Photo Essay

State of America: Photographing Joe Klein’s Road Trip

Three photographers joined TIME's Joe Klein on his annual road trip across America.

Kimiko Yoshida
Out There

Ceremonies of Disappearance: Kimiko Yoshida’s Critique of Identity

For over a decade, Kimiko Yoshida has created photos of herself in which she wears elaborate costumes that reference a wide range of subjects, from haute couture to the canon of Western painting.


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