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Hubble image of Arp 142
Out There

They Call It the Penguin: Hubble’s Amazing Photo of Galaxies Colliding

Amateur astronomers call it the Penguin, and no wonder. 226 million miles from Earth, the Hubble Telescope has captured two galaxies colliding in a stunning (and beautiful!) pattern.

Out There

Mercury Poses for Its Closeup

When astronomers try to explain why everyone should be as excited as they are about a bit of space news, they tend to reach for superlatives: This is the hottest/ coldest/ biggest/ smallest/ oldest/ most mysterious/ most powerful thing we’ve ever seen! So it’s no surprise that as they celebrated the first images to come back from Mercury, snapped by NASA’s Messenger probe, the first spacecraft ever to orbit this sun-scorched little world, mission scientists were at it again.


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