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Richard Gilligan, DIY Skateparks
In Progress

DIY Skateparks: A Global Architecture of Rebellion

Richard Gilligan traveled around Europe and the United States photographing these self-built skate spots for a new book by Prestel called DIY / Underground Skateparks

David Campany—Courtesy of MACK
Out There

Fueling the American Dream

Jeff Ladd spoke with writer David Campany about his newest book Gasoline, which explores the notion of how petrol and gasoline stations have been portrayed in photographs from the news.

Mark Steinmetz
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Paris In My Time: Mark Steinmetz’s Homage to the City of Lights

'Paris in My Time,' Mark Steinmetz’s newest book from Nazraeli Press, offers homage to the city of lights.

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin—Courtesy MACK
Out There

The Holy Bible, Appropriated: An Illustrated Scripture by Broomberg and Chanarin

Artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin speak about their newest book, Holy Bible, and the changing implications of photography and text as evidence in our image saturated culture.

ghirri 066 001
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Luigi Ghirri’s Kodachromes Revisited

Jeffrey Ladd writes for LightBox about a recently re-released edition of Luigi Ghirri's 1978 book, 'Kodachrome'.

ETH-Bibliothek Zurich, Image Archive/Stiftung Luftbild Schweiz
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Great Heights In The Swissair Archive

Swissair might have been once world renowned for its high standards of service and customer relations, but one might not know that photography was a driving passion of its co-founder. LightBox explores some of the treasures in the archives of the airline.

© Stephen Gill
Out There

Coexistence by Stephen Gill

The photographic voice of English photographer Stephen Gill always has a playfully inventive ring. The photos in his new book, 'Coexistence,' mix the scientific and conceptual while documenting a pond's microscopic communities.

Image: Team Leader and Mine Captain, Rustenburg Platinum Mine, Rustenburg. 1971.
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David Goldblatt Revisits “On the Mines”

LightBox presents exclusive images from the re-release of David Goldblatt's 'On the Mines,' the prolific South African photographer's documentation of the mining industry during apartheid.

Alec Soth—Courtesy Kominek Books
Out There

Looking For Love in 90’s by Alec Soth

The history of mankind is rife with love producing illogical and oddball behavior. Alec Soth's newest book Looking for Love, 1996 is, in its way, about the search for love guided by the heart and the search of love guided by the eye.

© Estate of Ed van der Elsken—Nederlands Fotomuseum
Out There

The Sweet Life: Revisited

In photography, "the road trip," especially by car around the United States, has been a right of passage for many photographers. Embarking on a fourteen-month world tour however is a bit less common, but that ambitious challenge was taken on in 1959 by the Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken and his wife Gerda. The resulting photographs would turned into one of the most epic Dutch photobooks ever produced, The Sweet Life.

Adam Bartos—Courtesy of Steidl
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The Darkroom: Nostalgia for a Dying Craft

Adam Bartos’s new book sheds some white light on the dying craft of analog printmaking and the environments that have produced most of the medium’s greatest images.

Lee Friedlander
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Master of the Photobook: Robert Delpire’s Long and Legendary Influence

Few publishers in the history of photography have had as lengthy a track record of producing books that are now considered the medium’s landmarks as Robert Delpire, who is honored in a tribute exhibition in New York City.

Keller and Wittwer
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‘Passengers’ Wins the Fifth International Fotobook Festival Dummy Awards

The Le Bal photography museum in Paris hosted the Fifth International Fotobook Festival from April 20 – 22. Here we present selections from the top three winners for the festival's Dummy Award.

Danny Lyon—Magnum
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Danny Lyon: The World Is Not My Home

For the past five decades the photographer Danny Lyon has produced a mix of documentary photographs and film—both politically conscious and personal. As the artist turns 70 this year, a coinciding exhibition will open at the Menil Collection in Houston.

Mishka Henner
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Retouching a Classic: ‘Less Américains’

In the digital age, touching the work of established photographic masters can be a sensitive business. London-based artist Mishka Henner explores Robert Frank's classic opus in his newest book, Less Américains.

Javier Sirvent
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A Brief, Photographic History of Republished Books

In a medium like photography, where the book plays such an important role in its progression, it is an unfortunate fact that some of the greatest photobooks have been essentially lost to history.

© Bertien van Manen, Courtesy of the Artist and the Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York
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Bertien van Manen: Let’s Sit Down Before We Go

The thread that links much of the Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen's work is her portrayal of the seemingly small, undramatic moments of everyday life. Her latest book is named after the habit of having Russians sit for a moment before a long journey to think about where they will be going and why.

©Steidl—Photographs by Kazou Katai
Out There

A Package of Protest

As protests from the Middle East to Wall Street made news in 2011, a new box set of books by Steidl examines various uprisings throughout history.

Josef Koudelka—Magnum
Out There

Josef Koudelka’s Gypsies, Revisited

As Aperture releases a new version of the photographer’s seminal book in October, photographer, writer and editor Jeffrey Ladd explains that rarely has a body of work been so deserving of two completely different editions.


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